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05, 2023
Rare Earth Permanent Magnet
Rare earth permanent magnet material can be divided into the following three kinds according to the production process:1. Permanent magnet-Bonded NdFeB Bonded Ndfeb is a compound NdFeb permanent magne...
05, 2023
Ferrite Permanent Magnet
Ferrite permanent magnets can be divided into NdFeb magnet, ferrite magnet, aluminium nickel cobalt magnet, samarium cobalt, etc., each kind because of the different composition, so the characteristic...
05, 2023
Applications of Permanent Magnets
Permanent magnets are used in various fields such as electronics, electricity, machinery, transportation, medical and daily necessities.1. Application of permanent magnets in the electronic fieldPerma...
05, 2023
Properties of Natural Permanent Magnets
A natural permanent magnet is a natural mineral with magnetic properties, usually consisting of elements such as iron, nickel, and cobalt. The following will introduce the characteristics of natural p...
01, 2022
Samples Are Needed Before Mass Production
Magnets are used in many places of a car: in the sensors, gearbox, water pump, brakes, ignition coil, windshield wiper motors, power window motors and starter generator, etc. Tengye works with custome...
01, 2022
Permanent Magnets Are Used In Electric Motors
Magnetic filtration and separation is the process of separating mixed components by using magnets to attract magnetic materials. Either hard ferrite (ceramic magnets)