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Samarium Cobalt Arc Magnets

Samarium cobalt (SmCo) arc magnets are a type of rare earth magnets.

Arc magnets are a specific type of magnet that has a curved shape, and they are commonly used in motors and generators to provide a continuous, rotating magnetic field. SmCo arc magnets have a high magnetic energy product, which makes them an excellent choice for applications that require a strong magnetic field in a small space.

SmCo arc magnets are often used in applications where the magnet needs to operate in high temperatures, such as aerospace, military, and automotive industries. They are also highly resistant to demagnetization, making them ideal for applications where reliability is critical.

The SmCo magnets work over a wider temperature ranee, have superior temperature coeficients and have much greater corosion resistance. depending on the grade: the SmCo26 is rated to +300 degreec C.

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Specifications of Samarium Cobalt Arc Magnets

Relative Recoil Permeability1.70-4.70u rec
Vickers Hardness520-630Hv
Electric Resistivity47~54uΩ.cm
Max. Working Temperature450~600C
Cur ie Temp760-890C
Temp Coefficient of Br-0.025~-0.02%/C
Temp Coefficient of Hcj0.01--0.03%/C

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