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Applications of Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnets are used in various fields such as electronics, electricity, machinery, transportation, medical and daily necessities.

1. Application of permanent magnets in the electronic field

Permanent magnets are widely used as constant magnets in electric meters, generators, telephone sets, loudspeakers, television sets and microwave devices, as well as in voice recorders, pickups, loudspeakers, as well as in the magnetic core of various instruments, used in electronic equipment such as radar, communication, navigation, telemetry and so on. Permanent magnets can also be used in the manufacture of loudspeakers, vibration motors, electronic fuses and other electronic components to improve the performance and reliability of equipment.

2. Permanent magnet in the field of mechanical application

The permanent magnet is widely used in a variety of instrument cores, magnetic cooling mould, telephone magnetic circuit components, computer disk drives, magnetic seats, electric toys, magnetic separation equipment, magnetic sensor, and magnetic separation equipment.

3. Application of permanent magnets in the automotive field

Permanent magnet motor driver for the vehicle, reduce the corresponding transmission mechanism, simplify the electrical system, thereby improving the efficiency of the vehicle, and reducing the weight of the vehicle.

4. Applications of permanent magnets in the medical field

Permanent magnet materials can be used in the manufacture of medical devices, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices, magnetic navigation, and magnetic therapy for trauma and disease.

5. Application of permanent magnets in the field of toys

Permanent magnets are widely used in toys, such as toy cars, toy aeroplanes, toy watches and so on.

In addition to these fields, permanent magnets can also be used to make wind turbines, maglev trains, aerospace and other high-tech equipment. In short, permanent magnet material is a very important functional material, which has been widely used in modern industry and science and technology.