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Block Ceramic Magnet C8 6X4X1 inch

Ferrite magnets, also known as ceramic magnets, are made from a mixture of iron oxide and other materials such as strontium or barium. They are known for their low cost, high magnetic resistance, and good temperature stability.

The C8 grade indicates the magnetic strength of the magnet. A C8 ferrite magnet has a maximum energy product of around 3.8 Mega Gauss-Oersteds (MGOe). This is a medium-range strength for ferrite magnets, with higher grades such as C10 or C11 having stronger magnetic properties.

Block Ferrite Magnet C8 6X4X1 can be used in various applications such as motors, generators, loudspeakers, magnetic separators, and other magnetic devices where high magnetic resistance and good temperature stability are required. They are also widely used in household applications such as refrigerator magnets or magnetic toys.

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Advantages of Block Ceramic Magnet C8 6X4X1 inch

Operating temperature range: Ceramic block magnets have a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 250°C (-40°F to 482°F), making them suitable for use in many high-temperature applications. 

Resistant to chipping and cracking: Ceramic block magnets are nearly impossible to chip or crack due to their composite material structure, ensuring their durability. Overall, the C8 6X4X1 inch ceramic block magnet offers strong magnetic properties, durability, and good resistance to environmental factors.

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