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Samples Are Needed Before Mass Production

Magnets provided by  custom magnet manufacturer are used in many places of a car: in the sensors, gearbox, water pump, brakes, ignition coil, windshield wiper motors, power window motors and starter generator, etc. Tengye works with customer in the automotive industry and supplys magnets in some of the car parts.

By testing magnet samples before production, manufacturers can verify that the magnetic properties and strength of the magnets meet the required standards. This helps to ensure that the magnets are suitable for the intended application and can perform reliably in the field. In addition to testing the magnetic properties of the samples, wholesale neodymium magnets manufacturers may also perform mechanical and chemical tests to verify the strength and durability of the magnets, as well as their resistance to corrosion and other environmental factors. Once the magnet samples have been tested and approved, mass production can begin. During the mass production process, manufacturers can use the same testing methods to verify the consistency and quality of the magnets being produced. This helps to ensure that each magnet meets the required specifications and performance standards, and reduces the risk of defects or failures in the final product. Click for arc segment magnets, neodymium arc magnets, diametric disc magnet, automotive magnet

micro magnets, etc.