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Tengye is a magnet company. It has developed and researched high-quality strong magnets, set up a perfect after-sale service system.
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Permanent Magnets
Tengye is a magnet company. lt has developed and researched high-quality strong magnets, set up a perfect after-sale service system.
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  • Magnetic Couplings
    Magnetic couplings are devices that transfer torque from one rotating device to another without any physical contact. Instead of using traditional mechanical connections, they use magnetic fields to create a rotating force.
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  • Linear Motor Magnet Track
    A linear motor magnet track, also known as a maglev (magnetic levitation) track, is a type of track that uses magnetic forces to propel and suspend a vehicle or object above it.
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  • Halbach Arrays Magnet
    Halbach arrays are arrangements of permanent magnets that create a strong, focused and highly uniform magnetic field on one side while simultaneously cancelling out the magnetic field on the other side.
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  • Laminated Magnets
    Laminated magnets are a type of permanent magnet that is made up of multiple layers, or laminations, of magnetic material stacked together. Each lamination is made up of a thin sheet of magnetically soft material, such as iron or steel, that is coated with an insulating layer.
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  • Pot Magnets
    Pot magnets are permanent magnets that are encased in a steel pot or shell. The steel pot acts as a shield, strengthening the magnetic field and directing it in a specific direction. The result is a strong, concentrated magnetic force that can be used in a wide range of applications.
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  • Custom Magnetic Assemblies
    Custom magnetic assemblies are designed and manufactured to fit specific applications or requirements, rather than being purchased as off-the-shelf products. They can be tailored to meet the specific size, shape, strength, or other needs of a particular application.
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Create Advantages in Magnet Applications
Permanent magnets are used in electric motors, generators, cars, smartphones, headphones, speakers, magnetic separators, sensors, consumer goods etc. The most common application of a permanent magnet is the magnetic force to attract other ferromagnetic items.
Magnets and Magnetism are utilized to operate all kinds of electrical machines. Examples are generator in a wind turbine, driving motor in an electric vehicle, servomotor in the body of a robot.
Magnets are used in many places of a car: in the sensors, gearbox, water pump, brakes, ignition coil, windshield wiper motors, power window motors and starter generator, etc. Tengye works with customer in the automotive industry and supplys magnets in some of the car parts.
Magnets are commonly used in electronics and electroacoustic applications for a variety of purposes, including generating and detecting signals, moving mechanical components, and holding components in place.
Magnetic filtration and separation is the process of separating mixed components by using magnets to attract magnetic materials. Either hard ferrite (ceramic magnets) or neodymium magnets are used in a magnetic separator or filter. Common types of magnet shapes are big blocks, rings or fan-shaped magnets.
Magnets are widely used in magnetic separation, a process used to extract magnetic materials from non-magnetic ones. This process is used in several industries, including mining, food processing, and recycling.
Tengye - Professional Custom Magnet Manufacturer

Founded in 2014, we came into existence as a small trading company in the custom magnet industry. Our mission is integrated into the company name - Tengye, which means helping customers succeed.

Through hard work and dedication to custom service, we established a good reputation in the domestic market. We are known for delivering high-quality NdFeB magnets & magnetic assemblies and customized solutions.

As we reached a sales figure of 50 mill. CNY (7.8 mill USD), we decided to build our own factory in 2015. Three years later, we invested in our own coating factory. In 2020, we achieved ISO9001:2015 for processing of magnetic materials. All these moves were made in order to improve quality management and enhance customer service.

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Manufacturing Reliable High-quality Custom Magnet
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Manufacturing Reliable High-quality Custom Magnet
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